Support to creation and promotion of paths for eco and sustainable tourism in B&H – OXFAM

    Project „Support to creation and promotion of paths for eco and sustainable tourism in B&H – OXFAM“

    Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Italy
    Period of implementation: May 2009 – December 2012

    Specific objective: improve the living conditions of population from rural areas of B&H through integrated strategies to combat poverty and emigration from the mountain areas, conservation of natural resources, and support in establishing a dialogue between people.

    PLOD Center participates in this project and is the "antenna" for the valley of the Una-Sana, and delivers information from the specified areas in order to recognize and valorize local resources, and facilitate approaching B&H potential tourists in order to familiarize them with these yet unexplored parts of Europe. One of the activities of the project is to create web site Travelling Balkans.

    Implemented activities:

    • PLOD Center continuously, once a week, delivers requested information from this area related to tourism to OXFAM.   
    • As a part of this project PLOD Center presented tourism potentials of the Una-Sana Canton and providers of tourism services to Italian tour operators. The presentation was held in order to present the tourist value of the Una-Sana Canton, especially the basin of the Rivers of Una and Sana, to the tourist market, primarily Italy, whose tour operators showed great interest in B&H.
    • PLOD Center has expressed interest to take the role of a participant in the development of accommodation facilities in the valley of the Una-Sana through the administration of process of funds allocation to accommodation providers -B&Bs, which OXFAM allocated for the implementation of this activity. Through cooperation of PLOD Center and Raiffeisen Bank, according to the guidelines of OXFAM, the conditions were defined and loans assigned as a support to service providers in the tourism industry in the valley of the Una and Sana Rivers in order to improve, expand and develop their capacities.