Project „PUM“

    Specific goal of the project: In order to improve small and medium enterprises and contribute to their sustainable development, PLOD Center cooperates with the Dutch consulting agency PUM, which gathers world-renowned experts and offers free consulting to companies in order to contribute to their rapid growth and market positioning.

    Experts from various economy sectors put their knowledge and experience on disposal to companies in order to assist them in troubleshooting specific problems in the production, management, business organization, marketing and other areas. PUM has 30 years of experience and operates in 70 countries, with the help of 4000 volunteers, experts from almost all economic sectors (agriculture, horticulture, construction, business and management, manufacture of chemicals and synthetic materials, engineering and electrical engineering, food and beverage ; financial institutions, healthcare, transportation and logistics, metal industry, energy, water and environment, industry paper and cardboard packaging, publishing, tourism and hospitality industry, textile and leather industry, trade, wood processing, etc.), in over 80 business segments in respective sectors.

    PLOD Center, as local partner of PUM, assists to the companies in the application process for consultancy services and participates in monitoring and evaluation of the overall activity. This service is free.