Development of the eco-zone National Park Una and enrichment of its tourist offer

    Project „Development of the eco-zone National Park Una and enrichment of its tourist offer”

    Total value:  € 437.175,00
    Donor: EU
    Period of implementation: September 2010 – January 2013 (28 months)
    Project partners: Bihać Municipality, PLOD Center Bihać

    The project is funded by the European Union within the program “EU support to economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, and implemented by PLOD Center and Bihać Municipality. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina by strengthening the existing foundations and improving the content development of the National Park Una and its surroundings. The focus has been put on creation of a recognizable tourist offer of the National Park Una using its available resources and resources of surroundings through development/ improvement of tourist infrastructure, development of tourist services in the National Park Una, and development and promotion of the National Park Una tourist product

    Target groups are:

    • PC NP Una (Public Company National Park Una)  
    • Bihać Municipality
    • Tourist service providers  
    • Mountain Rescue Service
    • Mountaineering associations in Bihać and Drvar Municipalities

    So far, the following activities have been implemented: 

    • Awareness raised and capacities of local population and tourism stakeholders built ( 200 people) within the National Park Una through organization of 26 educational workshops;
    • predispositions for awarding of small grants to tourism stakeholders for development of bed and breakfast (B&B) capacities within the National Park Una (9 B&Bs) created;
    • ancillary tourism services developed and improved: 13 mountain guides trained and certified, and 10 mountain rescue service members;
    • equipment procured for Mountain Rescue Service (boats, skis, GPRS, ropes, backpacks, tents etc.)
    • documentation created for design, creation and installation of tourist signalization and informational panels (over  4 welcome signs and over 50 small signs);
    • Tourist signalization created- installation ongoing;  
    • equipment procured for info-point National Park Una in Bihac and its renting services (office equipment, 5 rafting boats and  25 bikes with safety equipment)
    • project documentation created for building of small tourist infrastructure (picnic zones Martin Brod and Štrbački buk, view towers Martin Brod and Štrbački buk, observatory points, bike and hike trails and paths 188 km – National park Una and Plješevica area, reconstruction and equipping of two mountain lodges  on Plješivica and Klekovča Mountains, construction of compost toilet on Plješevica Mountain, Štrbački Buk and Klekovača);
    • infrastructure works on reconstruction of Plješevica mountain lodge were completed
    • construction works in the picnic areas Štrbački buk and Martin Brod, as well as hiking and biking trails are in progress.
    • Preparation of construction works on view towers and compost toilet on Štrbački buk, Martin Brod and Klekovača.
    • Grants for improvement of bed and breakfast (B&B) clusters were awarded, equipment and furniture were given, and infrastructure works are in progress (9 B&Bs).
    • market research was completed and tourist packages of NP Una were created, creation of marketing plan is in progress.

    Expected results after implementation of the project:

    • basic tourist infrastructure within the NP Una and its immediate surroundings built (picnic zones, mountain and hiking trails, observatory points, mountain lodges reconstructed etc.);
    • community based tourism developed and Bed & Breakfast cluster improved;
    • Ancillary tourism services improved (Mountain Rescue Service, Mountaineering associations etc.)
    • NP UNA product designed and developed;
    • NP UNA marketing plan created and tourism offer adequately promoted;
    • NP Una multilingual website created;
    • GSS equipment procured;
    • PC NP UNA renting service established and equipped.