„Business Innovation and Investment Support in the Una-Sana Canton-BINOVA“

Total value: EUR 626.220,00
Proportion carried out by legal entity: /
No of staff provided: 3
Donor: EU (EUR 477.500,00)
Name of client: SME’s
DATES (START/END): January 2014 - February 2016 (25 months)
NAME OF CONSORTIUM MEMBERS, IF ANY: DA USC, The Government of USC, Faculty of technical engineering University of Bihać and Municipality of Bosanska Krupa

Overall objective: To stimulate economic growth and generate employment in the Una Sana Canton (USC) by improving the business environment and SME operational framework through establishment of sound partnerships among key USC stakeholders.

Specific objective: Improvement of business environment, strengthening of institutional support for SME sector and increase of competitiveness of local economy in the USC through establishment of Business Support Centre (BSC), design of business support services based on knowledge, advanced technologies and cooperation of the key stakeholders in the community.


  • Project management structures formed and fully operational
  • Partnership and cooperation among key stakeholders in the USC strengthened and made visible
  • Renovated and equipped suitable space for business support in USC
  • Business Support Centre (BSC) established
  • Support intended to SMEs development designed and operational
  • Support aimed at improvement of business environment (investment and FDI support) designed and functional

PLOD Center is in charge of:

  • Design and delivery of support intended to SME development
  • Management support
  • Appointing BSC Manager