„LED NET II- Coalition for higher voice of small businesses“

Total value: EUR 261.105,00
Proportion carried out by legal entity: 1,34%
No of staff provided: 1
Donor: EU
Name of client: Small and medium sized enterprises (SME), associations of micro and small enterprises, faculties of economics
DATES (START/END): February 2013 – November 2015
NAME OF CONSORTIUM MEMBERS, IF ANY: Entrepreneurship business association - Link Mostar; Association of Citizens “Independent Office for Development”- NBR Gradačac; Association of entrepreneurs and employers - UPIP Žepče; Wood processors association – (DRVO-PD) Prijedor; Non-governmental organization COSPE Italy

Overall objective: To accelerate reforms for a creation of a favourable business environment in line with the EU Small Business Act by operations of a CSOs network.

Specific objective:

  1. To strengthen the voice of small businesses and make their requests comprehensible and easily applicable.
  2. To increase awareness of the government institutions and public about importance to respect voices of small businesses.


  • Stimulated creation of 10 new associations (for participation in network and presentation of small businesses)
  • Strengthened capacities of 15 existing associations
  • Established coalition of association of micro and small entrepreneurs
  • Common work of the academic community and SMEs
  • Key governmental policies monitored and raised public awareness about operations/lack of operations of the key ministries

PLOD is implementing all project activities within its targeted area – Una-Sana Canton, and at national level towards ministries with project partners.