„Technical and training assistance to local governments in the process of operationalization of local development strategies within the ILDP in Bužim, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Petrovac, Cazin, and Kostajnica municipality. Implemented in consortium with EDA“

Total value: BAM 112.142,16
Proportion carried out by legal entity: /
No of staff provided: 3
Donor: UNDP (ILDP)
Name of client: Municipality of Bužim, Municipality of Bosanska Krupa, Municipality of Bosanski Petrovac, Municipality of Cazin and Municipality of Kostajnica
DATES (START/END): 2012 - 2013

Overall objective: The overall objective of the project is to ensure that local governments in targeted municipalities and their socio-economic partners engaged transform their local development strategies into operational and implementable documents, and develop concrete interventions to the benefit of local communities, through operationalisation of the integrated local development strategies and strengthened institutional capacities of partner local governments to plan, coordinate and implement strategic interventions utilising both, their own and external resources and developing and using partnerships with socio-economic stakeholders in development processes.

Specific objective: Specific objectives of the project are: To ensure effective, specifically tailored and process-based delivery of technical assistance to participating local governments in the process of operationalization and initial implementation of their integrated local development strategies, thus transforming assistance actions into a sustainable and replicable development management cycle; To ensure interactive delivery of up to 4 training programmes specifically designed to strengthen local governments’ capacities to effectively manage strategy implementation and overall development process in their local communities.


  • Transforming strategy into annual workplan aligned with the local govenment budget
  • Strenghtening the local development management function
  • Strenghtening local project capacity
  • Fostering partnership and dialogue between local governments and private sector
  • Improving knowledge and skills for monitoring, annual reporting and following year’s operational and financing planning

PLOD Center is in charge of:

  • Project management
  • Organization and conducting training programmes and workshops
  • Employment of expert associates