“Green Islands”

Total value: 209.477,54 eura
Proportion carried out by legal entity: /
No of staff provided: 2
Donor: EU
Name of client: Local community, citizens
DATES (START/END): May 2013- May 2015
NAME OF CONSORTIUM MEMBERS, IF ANY: Municipality of Bosanska Krupa and Municipality of Bihać

Overall objective: To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life through the promotion of the environment via joint actions on preservation and protection of the nature of Zadar County and Una Sana Canton.

Specific objective: To preserve, revitalize and promote selected urban green areas in Zadar County and Una Sana Canton, and to intensify and consolidate cross border dialogue through development of joint environmental management and strengthening of human capacities.


  • Small scale infrastructure in selected urban green areas in Zadar County and Una Sana Canton is built and improved
  • Selected urban green areas in Zadar County and Una Sana Canton are restored and landscaped
  • Human capacities for joint environmental management and maintenance of urban green areas is strengthened
  • Joint standards, procedures and practices on environmental management of selected urban green areas are developed
  • Public awareness on environmental protection is raised
  • Project "Green Island" successfully promoted and visible

PLOD Center is in charge of:

  • Project management
  • Organization of regular partnership meetings
  • Preparing the tender documentation for the provider of the GIS tool for “Graddski park” and “Male ade”
  • Presenting the GIS tool to all relevant institutions for “Gradski park” and park “ Male ade”
  • Creation of various promotional materials in order to increase the project's visibility
  • Manufacturing of various promotional materials