Less corruption, more jobs

Overall project value: 120,000.00 EUR
Proportion carried out by legal entity: 8,9%
No of staff provided: 3
Origin of funding: DEU
Name of client: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), unions and unemployed
Dates (start/end): February 2011. - September 2012.
Name of consortium members, if any: -Association of Citizens “Independent Office for Development”, NBR and  Entrepreneurship & Job Association LINK, Mostar

Overall objective of the Project is to speed up reform of key government institutions (their programs, projects and procedures) and improve their work by active involvement and participation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Civil society organizations (CSOs). Faster reform will lead to decrease of corruption.

Specific objectives are to improve capacity of CSOs dealing with SME and entrepreneurship development (including business environment) and unite them around unique platform and improve existing policies, procedures, programs in SME and entrepreneurship sector and decrease possibilities for corruption.


  • Common platform to fight corruption in SME and entrepreneurship development sectors of NGOs created and adopted (over 20 organizations joined the Platform)
  • At least 14 existing policies, programs, procedures (related to SMEs and entrepreneurship development and including permissions such as urban/construction permission) explored, concrete measures for improvements proposed and monitoring structures created
  • Advocacy campaign organized
  • 2 trainings held for the target groups - “training on corruption” and “training on advocacy”, and Conference “Less Corruption, More Jobs”
  • Monitoring network developed, changes monitored and public/relevant stakeholders continually informed

    PLOD Centre is in charge of:

    • analysis and monitoring of policies, their implementation and work of institutions.
    • building capacities of NGOs (and CSOs)
    • advocacy campaigns