Overall project value: n/a
Proportion carried out by legal entity: n/a
No of staff provided: 1
Origin of funding: Government of Netherlands and PLOD Center
Name of client: SME-s
Dates (start/end): July 2010.

In order to improve SME sector and contribute to sustainable development of enterprises, PLOD Center Bihać signed a Contract with Dutch Agency PUM, which gathers well known experts and offers free consulting to companies in order to help their faster grow and market positioning. Experts are independent and work as volunteers. PLOD Center, as a local partnerof PUM, offers support services to local companies, where it assists the domestic companies in the application process for consultancy services.  PLOD, as a local representative, is in charge of finding the companies from the Una-Sana canton which can apply for help and is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation.

PLOD Centre is in charge of:

  • analysis of local companies and assists them in the application process for consultancy services,
  • revision of the submitted projects and advises SMEs on how to improve their application
  • coordination of the implementation, monitoring and evaluation  of project with PUM