Improving capacities of key actors in agricultural development in the Una-Sana Canton

Overall project value: 30.357,95 EUR
Proportion carried out by legal entity: n/a
No of staff provided: 4
Origin of funding: Ministry of Agriculture, Water management and Forestry of FB&H
Name of client: Agricultural producers, SMEs in agricultural sector, representatives of local authorities in charge of agriculture, NGOs
Dates (start/end): March 2010. - September 2010.
Name of consortium members, if any: Agricultural Institute of the Una-Sana Canton

General objective is improvement of capacities of stakeholders in agricultural and rural development in the Una-Sana Canton.

Specific objective is education of 80 representatives of local authorities and other relevant institutions in agricultural and rural development in the Una-Sana Canton.
Wide range of themes included into this educational project will enable participants to improve practical knowledge on availability of EU funds in the area of agriculture, creation of projects and implementation of projects and to better understand very complex and complicated requirements of EU legislative and standards, whose application is expected from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the next period.


    • 53 beneficiaries improved knowledbe about IPA funds;
    • 40 beneficiaries improved knowledge about PCM;
    • 25 beneficiaries improved knowledge about human capacities development;
    • 25 beneficiaries improved knowledge about strategic planning;
    • 25 beneficiaries improved knowledge about agricultural models in EU;
    • project promoted by media;
    • project beneficiaries provided by set of materials including all topics covered during the trening.

      PLOD Centre is holding workshops covering the following topics:

        • Topic no. 1: IPA funds– focused on cross-border cooperation and rural development
        • Topic no. 2:  PCM – project cycle management and creation of projects
        • Topic no. 3:  Development of internal capacities in agricultural sector of FB&H
        • Topic no. 4:   Strategic planning
        • Topic no. 5:  Presentation of agricultural models in the EU – similarities and differences and their applicability in B&H context