Fostering Interventions for Rapid Market Advancement - FIRMA

Overall project value: 16,231,567.00 EUR
Proportion carried out by legal entity: The project is ongoing and proportion will be determined after the Action Plan is precisely defined. 
No of staff provided: 4
Origin of funding: USAID/ Sida
Name of client: SMEs from wood-processing sector and metal industry
Dates (start/end): September 2009. - September 2014.
Name of consortium members, if any: 1. Partner for wood-processing sector is Chamber of Commerce of the Una-Sana Canton
2. Partners for metal industry are members of BH MET NET Consortium: Association of Entrepreneurs Zepce; Agency for Economic Development Zenica-ZEDA; Agency for Economic Development of Municipality of Prijedor-PREDA; Association for Entrepreneurship and job-LINK; Independent Office for Development Modriča

General objective is to help B&H gain “the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the European Union”, a critical component of the Copenhagen Economic Criteria for EU accession. FIRMA works with three sectors of the B&H economy: wood processing, tourism, and light manufacturing. The principal group of implementing partners are called Value Chain Facilitators (VCFs).

Specific objective is to support sustainable economic growth, employment expansion, and increased household incomes in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


    • project proposal “Presentation of B&H metal processing companies at EKOBIS 2011 fair” created;
    • activity plan in wood processing sector created;
    • activity plan in metal processing sector created; activity proposal – training “Business English for company managers” created;
    • activity plan –“ Training in FSC/CoC sector and CE marking” created;
    • began creation of activity plan “Improving access to information through reprogramming of info kiosk” created;
    • grant proposal “Professional training and recruitment of candidates for vacations: machine technician for computer design and machining technician programmer for CNC machines- Mixed vacational secondary school Sanski Most” etc.

      PLOD Centre as VCF is carrying out the following tasks:

        • serves as a member of a national-level Sector Working Group
        • leads meetings of Regional Value Chain Working Groups
        • maintains information on stakeholders
        • originates and manages FIRMA grants and technical assistance
        • implements activities
        • monitors and reports