Establishment of business zone Kamenica Bihać – Phaze I ( sub-phase 2 and sub-phase 3)

Overall project value: 1.300.000,00 EUR
The amount of requested grant is 60,000.00 EUR
Proportion carried out by legal entity: 25%
No of staff provided: 4
Origin of funding: Federal Ministry of Development, entrepreneurship and craft
Name of client: Bihać Municipality
Dates (start/end): 2009. - 2011.
Name of consortium members, if any: n/a

General objectives of the zone establishment can be defined in the following way:

    • creation of long term conditions for development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and craft production as one of the most important and most stable leader in the future economic development of the city of Bihać;
    • long term reduction and mitigation of unemployment trend and stimulation of entrepreneurs to open new jobs, especially in production sector;
    • stimulation of growth and development of entrepreneurs, especially in the term of development of new products, use of new technologies and stimulation of export;
    • increase of competitiveness of the area and attraction of new investments;
    • creation of new jobs

    Specific objective is production of main project and concept design of the roads including communal infrastructure, i.e. bringing Business Zone Kamenica closer to creation and improvement of conditions for development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship through implementation of the project Business Zone Kamenica, i.e. creation of conditions for finalization of sub-phase 2 (construction of roads), and beginning of the sub-phase 3 (communal infrastructure), through production of concept designs and main projects of the raods including communal infrastructure, Business Zone Kamenica  - Phase I, entrepreneurial zone in the city of Bihać.

    PLOD Center is in charge of:

    • creation of project proposal Business Zone Kamenica Bihać - Phase I (sub-phase 2 and sub-phase 3)  
    • Technical assistance in project implementation
    Dates (start/end)