TRAINING – Public-private partnership (PPP)

Overall project value: n/a
Proportion carried out by legal entity: 100%
No of staff provided: 2 (PLOD Centre) and 2 external professional experts
Origin of funding: Bihac Municipality
Name of client: Bihac Municipality
Dates (start/end): February 2008.
Name of consortium members, if any: n/a
Dates (start/end)

PLOD Center provided training (Public-private partnership- PPP) for approximately 25 employees of Bihac Municipality.

The training included the following:

  • introduction to public-private partnership (PPP);
  • establishment of public-private partnership (PPP);
  • models of public-private partnership (PPP);
  • legal framework;

PLOD Center is in charge of:

  • organization of the training and used presentations
  • preparation of materials
  • additional consulting services